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Since we opened registration for this program on 26 November 2020, we are so happy to announce that today marks the day we reached a total of 3000 FCC Beauty Influencers registered in our online portal. We cannot express our appreciation enough to our existing and new Beauty Influencers who are very enthusiastic in performing.

What is FCC Beauty Influencer 2021 Program?

It is an all-new refurbished program that allows the registered members to:


  • Buy FCC products at members’ price
  • Generate income by buying and reselling FCC products to their customers
  • Redeem member reward points with the prize pool provided
  • Eligible to receive entrepreneurship training with FCC Academy

What are the requirements to register as a member?

The requirements are as easy as 123:


  1. Register name and basic information on the FCC reseller portal.
  2. Agree to Terms & Conditions as FCC Beauty Influencer.
  3. Purchase FCC Beauty Influencer Starter Kit during registration.

What are the benefits as a member?

Becoming FCC Beauty Influencer does not just grant you profits from reselling our products, but you may achieve rewards and recognition from us too! Here’s a list of what you will get:

Furthermore, when you achieve 1,000,000 points, you will be automatically enrolled in our FCC Founders’ Club. This club is an exclusive club for the first 100 people who manage to earn 1,000,000 points. The points can be exchanged as a reward which can be car fund, house fund or a trip to our principal’s very own factory called Farmacity, Istanbul.

Now that you know and you think you are ready to take up this challenge to grow your income, it’s your turn to make a move and join us in FCC Beauty Influencers 2021 Program.

Do what you love, be your own boss and earn limitless income.

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