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Frequently Asked Questions

FCC Malaysia FAQ – If you have any questions about Farmasi Color Cosmetics Malaysia products, programs, stores, owners or others, you can click on the title below that matches what you are curious about

What is FCC?

FCC stands for Farmasi Colour Cosmetics.

What’s the difference between FCC & FARMASI?

FCC is a brand derived from FARMASI due to local Malaysian authority compliance on the name. Due to its name FARMASI, the name is not allowed to be used in Malaysia.

Therefore, the company has decided to use FCC, the abbreviation of Farmasi Colour Cosmetics as the brand name replacing FARMASI in Malaysian market. The brand “FCC” is used on marketing purposes in Malaysia. However, the brand “FARMASI” is still visible on all products.

Basically, both FCC & FARMASI is the same brand.

Where is the origin of FCC?

FCC originated from Istanbul, Turkey.

Who owns FCC?

In Malaysia, FCC is registered and distributed exclusively by Naturalife Solution Sdn Bhd.


Who is the founder of FCC?

The product was founded by Dr. Cevdet Tuna, a medical doctor from Turkey in 1950s.

Where else can I find FCC?

FCC is distributed to over 125 countries around the world. Some countries are distributing it using a conventional retail strategy and some are using network marketing as their distribution channel.

Where can we purchase FCC products?

FCC products can be found in both online & offline stores. For fast & easier purchases, you can purchase all FCC products on this website. Just click the button below to purchase online.

Online Store


We are also available in Shopee Mall. Click the button below to purchase in our Shopee Mall.

FCC Shopee Mall


For those who would like to purchase over the counter, we do have physical counters in selected shopping malls all over Malaysia. We are available in AEON Wellness, SOGO & Parkson. Click the button below to check out the nearest counter to your area.

FCC Counters


We also have entrepreneurs programs where we developed our own micro-entrepreneur that are registered and trained to sell FCC products to their customers. Here, you will get more advantage of personalized service from our Beauty Influencers. Support their business by purchasing from them. Click the button below to contact FCC Beauty Influencers near you.

FCC Beauty Influencer List

How to become reseller of this product?

To become reseller, you will need to join our FCC Beauty Influencer program. For more information about this program, click the button below:

FCC Beauty Influencer Program

How to contact FCC?

Customers can contact us via email, telephone & WhatsApp. Click the button below for our contact detail:

Contact Us

What kind of certificates does FCC have?

FCC have GMP, ISO, Halal and FDA certificates. Click the button below to view our certificates: