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What Is FCC Beauty Influencer 2021 Program?

FCC Beauty Influencer 2021 is a membership program that can help registered members to:

Lifetime discount with member’s price

Generate income & commission without any capital by reselling FCC products to your customers

Receive commission when you register a new member & overriding commission when your direct recruits (1st Gen) sell FCC products to their customers

Redeem member’s reward points with the prize pool provided

Car allowance, house allowance & free trip to Istanbul, Turkey for those who qualified

No Concern of Capital, Logistics & Postage

FCC Beauty Influencer Membership Requirements


Register name & basic information on the FCC reseller portal here: RESELLER PORTAL

Agree to the terms & conditions as FCC Beauty Influencer

Purchase FCC Beauty Influencer Starter Kit during registration

Basic Concept


Step 1

Register as an FCC Beauty Influencer (BI) & get a Starter Kit during registration. Then, you can purchase FCC products in the reseller portal here: Reseller Portal Use FCC products in your daily activities.


Step 2

Share your experience using FCC products with your family, friends, and followers on social media. Also, share the benefits of the FCC product & the problems that can be solved with this product.


Step 3

Invite your family members, friends, & followers to share FCC products in their daily activities. Provide your personal link so that they can also register as members so that they can also buy at member prices.


Step 4

You will get a Cash Bonus between 0% to 25% based on your purchase amount starting on the 1st day of the month until the last day of the month. Your Cash Bonus payment will be made on or before the 7th of the next month.



You can introduce the FCC to anyone regardless of race & culture. FCC has over 2,000 products suitable for use by all walks of life.


You don’t need a store, outlet, or office to promote FCC products. Places such as coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, homes and even social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and so on can be used as places to promote your sales.


Every time is the best opportunity for you to generate income. There are no time limits or store closing terms when you do business with FCC.

2021 Welcome Program Gift

Customers who are registered as FCC Beauty Influencer members have an advantage over regular customers. In the first 4 months as a member, customers can get free products as well as money when they reach the set reward points. To earn this Welcome Gift Program, Beauty Influencers need to achieve the required minimum points each month. Reward points will be deducted each time a member takes this welcome gift. If the minimum points are not reached in the first month or any subsequent month, then this Welcome Gift Program will be automatically cancelled.

1st Month

10,600 Points
300 Points

Make Up Time Locker Spray

2nd Month

14,000 Points
400 Points

CC Cream

3rd Month

19,000 Points
600 Points

Lip Aid Kit Set

4th Month

20,000 Points
800 Points

RM 100 Cash

Income & Rewards

Member’s Price

Bulk Margin

Personal Bonus


Free Travel

Car Fund

House Fund


Member’s Price

FCC Beauty Influencers can purchase FCC products at member prices. These member prices can only be accessed through the FCC reseller portal. With this, members will get savings with every purchase of FCC products.


Bulk Margin

FCC Beauty Influencers can purchase FCC products in bulk or “bulk purchase” for a retail profit of 20%. The minimum bulk purchase is 1 box for each SKU of product.


Personal Bonus

Personal Bonus is a bonus given to Beauty Influencers in the form of cash based on their monthly personal purchase amount and multiplied by the Bonus Level (BL) of that month.



Personal Purchase = RM 800.00
Bonus Level = 10%

Personal Bonus
= RM 800.00 x 10%
= RM 80.00

*To determine the Bonus Level (BL), members need to refer to the Bonus Table.

Bonus Table

0 499 0%
500 2,999 10% Pearl
3,000 5,999 13% Jade
6,000 9,999 16% Amethyst
10,000 15,999 19% Aquamarine
16,000 24,999 22% Topaz
25,000 Above 25% Sapphire

*Total Purchase = Personal purchase + Total 1st Gen personal purchase.


Overriding is a commission received when a directly recruited member (1st Gen) makes a purchase. Overriding will be received from every purchase from 1st Gen based on the formula below.


Points or reward points will be received each time an FCC Beauty Influencer member purchases an FCC product in the reseller portal. Each product will have its own points or reward points. The number of points or reward points collected can be used to convert to the prizes provided. The latest gift list can be found in the FCC catalog. Listed below are some of the prizes available.

Points: 7,000

Reward: 1x Naturelle Hand Cream 75ml

Points: 10,000

Reward: 1x Garlic Shampoo 225ml

Points: 15,000

Reward: 1x Garlic Hair Mask 200ml

Points: 7,000

Reward: 1x FCC Oval Hair Comb

Points: 10,000

Reward: 1x FCC Black Ribbon Bag

Points: 20,000

Reward: RM 100 Cash
FCC Beauty Influencer 2021 Program


The FCC Founder’s Club is an exclusive club for the first 100 people who have managed to earn 1,000,000 points. The 1,000,000 points can be exchanged for RM 10,000 as a reward for joining the FCC Founder’s Club. Each FCC Founder’s Club member must achieve a minimum group purchase of RM 100,000 per month to remain in the FCC Founder’s Club & enjoy the benefits of being a club member.

FCC Founder’s Club Benefits

Car Fund*

The Car Fund is a fund provided to FCC Founder’s Club members to make it easier for them to meet with their group. These funds will be received monthly for those who qualify.

*Subject to the terms and conditions.

House Fund*

The FCC provides cash funds to FCC Founder’s Club members as additional funds for them to cover their cost of living. These funds will be received monthly for those who qualify.

*Subject to the terms and conditions.

Farmacity Trip, Istanbul, Turkey

FCC Founder’s Club members will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy all-paid expenses to Turkey to visit FCC factories at Farmacity & also to historic cities in Turkey. This visit will be able to give members the opportunity to see for themselves the production process of the products sold and get acquainted with our comrades in arms in Turkey.

FCC Founder’s Club Fund Table

100,000 199,999 RM 1,000
200,000 299,999 RM 2,000
300,000 399,999 RM 3,000 RM 3,000
400,000 499,999 RM 4,000 RM 4,000
500,000 Above RM 5,000 RM 5,000

*Total Purchase = Personal purchase + Total 1st Gen personal purchase.

Tips To Succeed As Beauty Influencer


A person’s intentions will determine the level of success and how high he or she can go in this business.

Your Target

A successful person is the one who knows what he or she wants and the targets to be achieved.

The Process

Success depends on individual strategies and efforts. Every success will go through some learning process and fluctuations in business. Members need to be committed & confident that this process can help them to succeed.

Case Study

*Click on the image to view fullscreen.

What’s Next?


• System
• Product Knowledge


• Promote Product
• Collect Sales
• Continue Learning


• Advance Training
• Team Recruitment
• Management
• 100x Growth

Your Turn To Make A Move

Do What You Love, Be Your Own Boss & Earn Limitless Income