About FCC Malaysia

Restore Your Confidence


FCC, also known as Farmasi Colour Cosmetics, is a halal cosmetics & personal care brand in Malaysia that originated from Istanbul, Turkey. The brand FARMASI was founded in 2004 by Dr. Cevdet Tuna and was introduced in Malaysia in 2008. The brand FARMASI was then re-introduced as FCC for the Malaysian market in order to comply with authority requirements in 2011.

Our Founder, Dr. Cevdet Tuna was born in 1923 right after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in modern-day Turkey. He graduated from Goethe Medical School in Germany in 1947 and serve as a medical doctor in the army during the war. In 1950, he started to formulate a few products such as cough syrup for the use of the public. His dedication to helping others lead to the creation of the FARMASI brand in 2004.

FARMASI was first discovered by our Managing Director, Ili Zawani Ismail in 2007. The most unique point of this brand is its Halal status with high-end product quality. In 2008, Naturalife Solution Sdn Bhd introduced this brand into the Malaysian market & then expand it to Singapore & Brunei. The brand FARMASI was then re-introduced as FCC in 2011 to comply with authority requirements. However, customers can still see the brand FARMASI in each of the products as the packaging is the same in 125 countries all around the world.

In 2019, we expanded our distribution channel to AEON Wellness and SOGO. Customers now can easily purchase FCC Make-Up products in over 70 counters all over Malaysia.

Being around in Malaysia since 2008, it is no wonder that more women have built trust in us because each product of FCC is manufactured with the highest standards and certified by independent international companies and laboratories such as GMP and ISO 9001.

Knowing that the products are properly manufactured and meet the highest standards, the products can help more women try out the products due to their strong Halal emphasis.

In the era of globalization, more women are growing independent and commit their careers, hence juggling between work and family. FCC has helped many women out there to do makeup effortlessly while helping them to restore confidence, so they have MORE TIME, NO STRESS, and LESS DRAMA!

While today’s women need the support to achieve their goals on all fronts, FCC is here to be a part of their support systems in bringing balance in their lives!