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No national parade this year? No problem! We Malaysians always have 1001 ways to ignite our inner patriotism. Each year we get more and more patriotic on August 31. In a blink of an eye, this year marks our 63rd year of Independence. Since the digital world has conquered our way of conveying messages, clearly there is no better way than to unleash our Merdeka spirit by applying makeup with Independence Day theme! Let us show you how to strike healthy skin makeup with FCC.

In order to maintain a smooth looking makeup for hours, always start off with primer. Be it a matte or dewy finish primer, it’s all your choice! Primer sets a spotless base for a smooth application. Priming makeup is predominantly used to help makeup last longer, smooth the skin’s surface and even out the skin tone. Applying the base makeup directly to the skin may harm the skin, and that’s where primer plays the role to protect the skin! Try it with VFX Pro Primer (matte finish) or VFX Pro Primer Strobe (dewy finish) and you will unveil a very smooth looking makeup.

Even if our skin barely has any problems, some of us may experience uneven skin tone since we are living in a sunny and humid country. Foundations play an essential role for Malaysians as they help cover any imperfections on the skin while creating an even, uniform complexion.

If you’re looking for daily makeup, we highly recommend you to try our best seller CC Cream with SPF25 and BB Cream with SPF15 as these are tinted moisturisers with skincare benefits ingredients which are not just makeup but help in treating skin from within as well.

Ooh, let’s not forget! Living in this digital era, we know how much you love taking selfies. Fret not, we have full coverage VFX Pro Foundation with camera-ready technology to cater this preference. This foundation will make you look flawless in real life just like how camera filters work! You’ll be surprised with the outcome.

What’s makeup without colours, isn’t it? A bit of blush on those cheeks makes them look flushed. Tender Blush On is available in five radiant shades which are suitable for fair to tanned skin. Instantly add a flush of colour to your cheeks by choosing this blusher ranging from classic pinks and peachy colours to warm, wearable red.

Makeup is never complete without eye makeup. Eyeshadows can add depth and dimension to your eyes to make them look stunning and stand out. Play around with Long-last Creamy Eyeshadow which comes in five extravagant metallic shades wearable on its own.

To top it off, get your final touch with some lipsticks of your own preference. Ranging from classic moist bullet lipstick to satin and matte finish, let your lips do the talking.

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